Ad Hominem - _...For a New World_
(Undercover Records, 2004)
by: Matthias Noll (7 out of 10)
Simple, no frills, raw black metal is what Ad Hominem from France have to offer a new world. I'm not familiar with their debut album and have only heard that previously they've used a drum machine, whereas _FaNW_ features real drums -- so you'll have to do without direct comparisons. I hear remote similarities to Deathspell Omega (pre-_Si Monvmentum Requires, Circumspice_) but overall Ad Hominem are faster, more shredding, less melodic and more concerned about impact than atmosphere. Highly distorted vocals, a killer sound with ripping guitars, and seven relatively short and compact tracks of the same quality and intensity level deal out a vicious punch throughout the whole album. Stylistically Ad Hominem sit in a comfortable and unpretentious but innovation-free spot somewhere in-between blazing speed and blasting, and the simple-as-can-be approach of early Gorgoroth; thankfully they avoid the kindergarden chord progressions of the Marduk school of songwriting, but they also don't achieve the total necro vibe of vintage Gorgoroth. My overall impression is that Ad Hominem have recorded an album which is certainly no masterpiece, but is nevertheless thoroughly enjoyable.


(article published 12/7/2004)

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