Jungle Rot - _Fueled by Hate_
(Olympic / Century Media, 2004)
by: Aaron McKay (8 out of 10)
It is never a bad day when a new Jungle Rot effort finds its way to my mailbox. Twelve more cuts of unregulated aggression in a purely candid style. As if set to an egg-timer, it never takes more than a heartbeat for this four-piece from Chicago to go straight to the fuckin' point. Where most of the tracks hover between the two to three minute range, _Fueled by Hate_ ratchets-up the hostility, not to mention the tightly infectious riffs. Not a band known for straying far from the known quantity of their style, even on this effort, these guys have an impressive ability to deny sounding "reused" or "recycled". Throaty, but understandable vocals have long been a trademark Dave Matrise all throughout the nine years JR has been shoveling forth their particular brand of underground demolition. As if this outfit was pushing the limits, _Fueled by Hate_ develops the essence of what makes a track memorable with most, if not all, the cuts found on this release. Not yet having gathered enough momentum to overthrow 2001's _Dead and Buried_ as my "most spun" JR album, _FbH_ holds promise. About the best thing going for Jungle Rot is their versatility. Referring mostly to musical style, their capacity to be a welcome addition to any bill is almost without question. Be it Sodom, In Flames, or the Beastie Boys, Jungle Rot is destination unto themselves. _FbH_ is indeed most certainly a stereotypical Jungle Rot offering, but at the same time a quintessential piece of gripping attitude and extreme tightness. Due to hit the streets June 29, 2004 -- let the riffs roll!

Contact: http://www.junglerot.net

(article published 23/6/2004)

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