Daemonlord - _Of War & Hate_
(Independent, 2004)
by: Jackie Smit (8 out of 10)
Whoever said that good old-fashioned black metal is turning into a lost art? Perpetually mainstream-baiting hogwash like Cradle of Filth may have "transcended" (in their own words) the genre, but with bands like Graveland and Hate Forest consistently releasing quality slabs of musical misanthropia, black metal looks set to burn its torch for a long time to come. Perhaps even more promising is the sizeable number of quality unsigned acts currently doing the rounds in the underground, and aside from perhaps Sweden's Benighted, Daemonlord are one of the finest such examples I have come across thus far. An impressive union of the kind of cold, mechanical riffing that has made Anaal Nathrakh one of extreme metal’s best kept secrets and the melodic but aggressive tonalities of Dissection, _Of War & Hate_ is a collection that succeeds more often than it flounders. More puritanical listeners may be tempted to sneer at the use of samples from mainstream movies like "Robocop", but tracks like "Pure Sorrow & Hate" and "In the Middle of Infinity" are gems cast out of pure, glorious darkness.

Contact: http://www.daemonlord.com

(article published 23/6/2004)

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