Secrets of the Moon - _Carved in Stigmata Wounds_
(Lupus Lounge, 2004)
by: Pedro Azevedo (8 out of 10)
Secrets of the Moon come across as polished and occasionally weird while keeping some metallic venom -- something plenty of people seem interested in achieving these days. They also incorporate some slightly old-school thrashy elements and an audible bass sound, departing from a black metal base with little care for genre integrity. They display accomplished musicianship and string together some damn good flowing guitar leads, though they also fall prey to some less interesting passages interspersed with the others. _Carved in Stigmata Wounds_ is neither revolutionary nor amazing, but it doesn't sound derivative, and it is definitely very competent and energetic. The band also know how to work some variation into their sound, which certainly works in their favour: the fast sections with serpentine guitar work help forget some excessively long tepid passages where the album contrastingly lacks said variation. Overall the album is very good, simultaneously a bit technical, entertaining and dark, with a few excellent riffs ("Cosmogenesis", "Evolution Valour Admission" and the title track, for instance) and able drumming to top it off -- but then at 72 minutes in length, the songs also tend to be rather long-winded. A bit more conciseness and consistency in the future, please, but for the time being _Carved in Stigmata Wounds_ is a very worthy effort.


(article published 19/6/2004)

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