Sunn O))) - _The Libations of Samhain_
(Bastet, 2004)
by: Xander Hoose (6 out of 10)
For those familiar with Sunn O))): _The Libations of Samhain_ is a live recording from earlier this year. This full-length album consists of two tracks ("The Libations of Samhain" and "Sunn O))) vs Diggers", an interview) and clocks in at over 65 minutes. For those not familiar with Sunn O))), let me explain what they are about in a few simple words: slow and painful ambient. Using silence as a weapon; distortion as a musical cloak; noise as a pure feeling.

It is with a bit of regret that I must say that the feeling I get from Sunn O)))'s albums is not reproduced by this live recording. The range of frequencies used seems to have shrunk; the noisescapes sound less impressive; and as a result, there is an overall feeling of dissatisfaction left after listening to _The Libations of Samhain_. The interview is nice if you are interested what's behind the music, but doesn't do much for me either. _The Libations of Samhain_ is still great to bug my neighbors though; for that -- and the effort -- I still rate it a 6 out of 10, but most people will be better off trying to find the two _White_ albums.


(article published 16/6/2004)

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