Elenium - _For Giving - For Getting_
(Rage of Achilles, 2003)
by: Brian Meloon (7 out of 10)
This is the debut full-length album from Finland's Elenium. Their style is best described as melodic death metal with progressive touches. Their death metal side is based on mid-paced riffs that are heavy but straightforward and not terribly original. The keyboards are relied upon to provide the progressive elements, though some progressive touches do work their way into the guitars as well. They also do quite a bit of keyboard-doubling of guitar lines and include numerous keyboard and guitar solos, most of which are quite flashy (think '80s guitar spankoff). They also branch out at times, such as the Havayothesque "Impostor". The main vocals are growled, though there is a heavy use of clean vocals. The growled vocals are pretty decent, but the clean vocals could use some work. His voice isn't as strong as it should be and he's out of tune at some points. There is some real potential here, as when the progressive and death metal elements blend together well, they provide some excellent moments. Unfortunately, these are mostly just moments, and none of the tracks stand out to me as excellent. Fans of melodic deathprog should enjoy it, even though it is a rather hit-or-miss affair.

Contact: http://www.eleniumband.com

(article published 7/6/2004)

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