Sadistik Exekution - _FUKK II_
(Osmose Productions, 2004)
by: James Montague (5 out of 10)
In 1994, Darkthrone described themselves as "the most hated band in the world". They had no business making such a claim, given that Sadistik Exekution had already been around for eight years. Search for reviews on the Internet and you will find no shortage of people slating them off as the worst load of shit ever to emanate from a stereo system. I, too, have gone on the record comparing _K.A.O.S._ (1997) to "a bollocks stew" (hmm, interesting -- must've been short on vocabulary that day). In time I grew to appreciate that album for the mental maelstrom that it is, though it's hard to say whether I actually liked it. In fact, I'm not sure if I've ever enjoyed a Sadistik Exekution album; but I find it impossible to tear myself away from them.

For those who don't know these Aussie sickos, they proclaim to be the most extreme death metal band in the world. And they are -- no contest. When they step on the accelerator, they produce blast beats and razor-sharp speed riffs that few would even try to emulate. The lead guitar work of Rev. Kriss Hades is phenomenal, his solos piercing the heavens with their imperial majesty and opening the door for his fellow demon Rok, the spastic vocalist who froths at the mouth in rabid fervour. Rok pretty much sums up what this band is all about: he sounds like a wild dog who has been chained to the studio floor and yet throws himself at the producers, each attack more frenzied than the last. The lyrics match the mood of the music perfectly: he hates other bands ("We are the most fukked up metal band in the world -- you are all... fukking... SHIT") and his listeners ("I bet you all worship the devil, don't ya, ya fukking kunts! Ya dirty fukking kunts!") as much as he hates his own band (at the end of the song "Shit", he yells, "that was FUKKING SHIT!" -- obscenities are a dime a dozen on this baby).

For those who -do- know these Aussie sickos -- well, you've probably figured it out by now. _FUKK II_ is even more violent and deranged than _FUKK_, and if you liked/hated them then, you'll love/despise them now. Sure, they do try a more controlled, mid-tempo approach to songwriting on "Arkhon the Graverobber", the album's standout track, and they do break things up with a disturbing seven-minute collage of guitar noise and vocal desperation entitled "The Electric Chair". But for the most part, the berzerker approach prevails.

Ultimately, I don't particularly enjoy _FUKK II_, because memorable songwriting is compromised in favour of absolute mind-warping extremity. But hell, it's hard not to appreciate the genuinely stunning musicianship and no-holds-barred approach to audio destruction. For the masochistic listener, there is nothing like the battery that Sadistik Exekution yearns to inflict upon your wretched fukking life.


(article published 7/6/2004)

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