Loits - _Legion Estland_
(Ledo Takas Records, 2003)
by: Pedro Azevedo (6 out of 10)
From the band's official website: "Loits is a wakening for Iron Youth, Loits is call to join the ranks of Legionaires, Loits is everything what judeo-christianian democracy is not. Loits is Estonian National Pride." In addition to this, the decorations on the band's logo leave little to the imagination about their political inclinations. Whether or not you give a damn about the above statements, be prepared for the fact that there is a clear militaristic, nationalistic feel pervading much of _Legion Estland_ (a look at the album title should indicate both aspects quite clearly).

However, those who are simply interested in some rocking black metal fun need not worry about any of the above: this 7" EP provides just that, tweaked in Loits' own style, and the band's political views don't really get in the way of the music itself (so long as you skip the redundant second track, "Terasvanne"). Loits infuse many of their black metal riffs with touches of folky synth and an infectious rock 'n' roll vibe, resulting in songs that remain enjoyable without ever trying to achieve a remarkable level of aggression, intensity or atmosphere. It's not that the music comes across as relaxed; it's just that with all the unholier-than-thou black metal bands out there competing for the ultimate in the genre's extremity, Loits take a rather different approach: their mid-paced riffs are pronounced rather than rushed, and the songs are well defined. The fact this is only a brief EP also helps keep each song relevant, but on the other hand only the first and third track really have anything worthwhile to offer (in addition to what I wrote above about the second track, closer "Demon's Night" is only passable). While the music on _Legion Estland_ won't exactly floor you, it is unlikely it will bore you either; could be worth a punt if you're a fan of the genre and don't mind the political crap.

Contact: http://www.loits.org

(article published 25/5/2004)

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