Necrophagia - _Goblins Be Thine_
(Red Stream, 2004)
by: Aaron McKay (9 out of 10)
In the literary world it is publish or perish. Musically speaking, for Killjoy, Necrophagia's founder, this has never been a problem -- though the part about perishing might hold some appeal for this twisted S.O.B. Album after album, this band enjoys a lavishly rich history; Necrophagia has been able to draw off of some powerful experience and side-projects to put together a MCD of accomplished proportions. _Goblins Be Thine_ is wonderfully packaged with a very professional look and feel -- taking massive strides over and above _Holocausto de la Morte_ and most of the rest of the back catalog. Even though my player clocked off six songs, the listed five tracks in this effort provide an alluring exercise in audio terror. While the MCD bears similarity to typical Necrophagia horror movie sampling and blood-curdling imagery, Killjoy, Fug, Marai, Iscariah, Frediablo and Titta develop a strong connection to a heavier, chunkier and "atmospheric" side of the band -- almost like a soundtrack to Dante's "Inferno". It works for these guys. _Goblins Be Thine_ is over-the-top in a restrained and absorbing way. A noteworthy point, as you can see from their well-designed website, is a nice tongue-in-cheek nod to Helloween's "pumpkins fly free" days; however Killjoy obviously could never be mistaken for Michael Kiske(!). Nothing from nothing, the new look to the Necrophagia moniker is a killer touch with respectful representations to Dark Angel and old Death, but uniquely fitting to this gaggle of ghouls who call themselves Necrophagia. If _GBT_ is a glimpse of things to come, Necrophagia's affinity for being strictly "an acquired taste" may be a thing of the past.


(article published 19/4/2004)

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