VAST - _Nude_
(456 Entertainment, 2004)
by: Xander Hoose (9 out of 10)
Boy wonder Jon Crosby isn't giving up. Being dropped from the Elektra label because of the 'dissatisfying' sales for his late-2000 _Music for People_ album, he has found a home on 456 Entertainment for his follow-up, _Nude_. Those familiar with VAST already know that Crosby is responsible for all the instruments and the compositions; even with such a huge task, _Nude_, like its predecessors, has turned out to be a small gem. Much of the familiar trademark elements, like the classical orchestration and industrial elements, have prevailed and make up the lion's share of _Nude_'s texture. Crosby's vocals have improved even further, but most striking is the maturity of some of the songs -- not just lyrically. "Don't Take Your Love Away" is one of the most breakable songs of the album, closely reminding of some of Trent Reznor's _Fragile_ songs. VAST definitely doesn't compete in the same league, but will have appeal to the same kind of listener. Closing the gap between Stabbing Westward, U2 and The Cure, VAST still has a bright future ahead, even without the big Elektra promotional machine.

(article published 23/3/2004)

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