Furia - _Un Lac de Larmes et de Sang_
(Adipocere, 2003)
by: Pedro Azevedo (7.5 out of 10)
On _Un Lac de Larmes et de Sang_ ("A Lake of Tears and Blood") Furia have created a concept album, each song a chapter of a story told in French. Their musical approach gathers some aggression, technical skill and melody, ending up with an interesting and well produced mix -- there is plenty of Swedish sharpness, dynamics and technicality a la Dark Tranquillity to be found. Furia are quite clearly a dedicated band, and there should be little doubt _Un Lac de Larmes et de Sang_ required a very significant amount of work; furthermore, Furia are able to turn all of that into something that is also interesting for the listener -- which isn't always the case, regardless of the level of dedication or the amount of work the band puts into the album. Despite some similarities to Dark Tranquillity marring any aspirations to remarkable originality, _Un Lac de Larmes et de Sang_ is still sufficiently original to stand on its own most of the time. The overall quality of both musicianship and production, coupled with adept songwriting and several particularly enjoyable passages, ensure this is an album that should please a large number of listeners.

Contact: http://furia.metal.free.fr

(article published 14/3/2004)

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