Finnugor - _Death Before Dawn_
(Adipocere, 2003)
by: Pedro Azevedo (2 out of 10)
Looking at _Death Before Dawn_'s ridiculously garish cover art, I could not repress a dominant feeling of apprehension. Looking into the promotional information provided, I discover that the project's Hungarian mastermind Gabriel Wolf added the guest talent of his countrymate Atilla Csihar (Aborym, Tormentor, ex-Mayhem) to Finn Nikolai Stalhammar this time around. None of this seemed to matter much as cheesy keyboards were accompanied by the trite reciting of some text by a female friend of the band calling herself Domina Mystica -- a combination that did not bode well for _Death Before Dawn_, much as I hoped that the album itself would be very different from its intro. To my dismay, it wasn't: ludicrous percussion and guitar are often accompanied by an overwhelming (and at the same time so very underwhelming) keyboard, while Csihar shrieks away lyrics to songs with titles such as "Astral Fornication" (which, incidentally, is printed together with foxy Ms. Mystica's picture). To put it bluntly, Finnugor's symphonic black metal is rubbish; it is so deeply sub-standard that I can only wonder how Adipocere could fail to notice the album's astonishing mediocrity.


(article published 14/3/2004)

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