Decapitated - _The Negation_
(Earache / Wicked World, 2004)
by: Jackie Smit (9 out of 10)
Let's be honest: anything less than sheer brilliance from Decapitated's third effort would have been unacceptable. After 2002's groundbreaking _Nihility_ paved the way for these Polish prodigies and etched their grim racket into the hearts and minds of anyone and everyone with an ear for the extreme, underachievement with its successor was not an option. Thankfully, Decapitated have indeed delivered the goods tenfold on _The Negation_ -- an album that in its thirty minute runtime repeatedly defines just why we love extreme music in the first place. "The Fury" heralds the start of the album and sets the tone for the record perfectly. Rather than continue to blast their way through the album's remaining seven tracks however, Decapitated wisely mix things up: tempo changes, groove, progressive leads and even the odd spot of experimentation. While clearly schooled in the ways and traditions of Deicide, Vader and Morbid Angel, Decapitated have cleverly distilled these influences into a sound that is completely their own -- barbaric, dynamic and utterly crushing. The year may still be early, but ladies and gentlemen, the battle for death metal highlight of 2004 has already begun.


(article published 25/1/2004)

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