Klimt 1918 - _Undressed Momento_
(My Kingdom Music, 2003)
by: Jackie Smit (8 out of 10)
One listen to _Undressed Momento_ should be all it takes to convince one that had this Italian outfit's moniker rolled off the tongue with greater ease, they would surely by now have been the black-clad darlings of the mainstream. With nine songs smacking of the increasingly popular Lacuna Coil's mid-tempo gothic rock chic, combined with a generous smattering of Katatonia's most pensive and thoughtful moments, Klimt 1918 have produced a record that, while not wholly inventive, manages to impress on several levels -- not least the beautiful warmth and clarity of the production, which almost sounds too good for a release as low-key as this. There's also the band's keen sense of song structure and melody -- a quality which binds together the impeccable performance of such gems as "Parade of Adolescence", "We Don't Need No Music" and "Stalingrad Theme". But what ultimately wins one over on _Undressed Momento_ -- and is indeed primarily responsible for the record's generous score -- is the depth of emotion explored throughout the opus, proving that on the rare occasions that it is done properly, music can be both accessible and genuinely soulful.

Contact: http://www.klimt1918.com

(article published 25/1/2004)

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