Pest - _Desecration_
(No Colours Records, 2003)
by: Aaron McKay (2 out of 10)
Maybe it is because the name is spread so thin, as the moniker Pest seems to be so readily prevalent in the genre (by my count there are -three-: one from Germany, one from Sweden and one from Finland), this Swedish pair have little left to work with which hasn't yet been covered in the realm of back metal. Beginning with a demo in 1998, Pest (currently comprised of Necro and Equimanthorn) is on their sixth offering; sort of like one track from _Desecration_ representing every effort from Pest's collection without covering their previously incorporated works. The harsh and raw approach carries an outfit only so far, then one looks discerningly for "just a little more". What separates this Pest from the others (or any other stripped-down black metal group for that matter)? Simply and purely aggressive, Pest takes an obviously less polished -- dare I say unclean -- approach to the six tracks comprising _Desecration_. Evidently aiming for a sort of "Burzum meets Darkthrone" objective, Pest falls short of their intended mark on this undertaking. This effort's production wants for a primordial feel in the same way Metallica currently longs for an inspiration infusion. _Desecration_ seems to purposefully fly in the face of simplicity and hinges on the precipice of near total outrageousness. Pure black metal -- sure, but unfortunately the darkness Pest created with _Desecration_ evidently prevented them from seeing when to -stop-!


(article published 26/12/2003)

7/12/2004 M Noll 7 Pest - Daudafaerd
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