Emancer - _The Human eXperiment_
(Black Owl Records, 2002)
by: Aaron McKay (7.5 out of 10)
The date on this release is a bit out of sync with my objective to keep ahead of the material that flows in monthly, but this one was different. In all fairness, I haven't had this effort from Black Owl, a newer metal label out of Edison, New Jersey, for long. This debut was offered for public consumption a year ago this month (December). Upon listening to the material found within _The Human eXperiment_, I uncovered a pure orgy of Norwegian brutality. Not altogether without an experimental edge, Mithrin and Gorbag, collectively known as Emancer, evolve a wicked style of brash death, intense black metal and a sculptured understanding of mood. Riffs are not uncommon on this debut. "Prison Tellus", "The Greatest of Pains" and "Dead End" supply a flurry of catchy guitar chops that amazingly enhance the power of Emancer's sound. These guys could bolster their footing as they forge ahead by developing their musical strategy to encourage more of an expansion into the rifer atmosphere they touch upon in this introductory effort. Absent of blame on any front, it took me a year to explore Emancer's genuinely driven style; don't let that be the case with you.

Contact: www.emanceronline.com

(article published 13/12/2003)

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