Wigrid - _Hoffnungstod_
(No Colours, 2002)
by: Quentin Kalis (7 out of 10)
On the one hand, I can accept that many bands, especially those in the process of discovering their true sound, may sound a bit too much like their influences. But Wigrid take this concept to the extreme in their extensive emulation of Burzum. Their simplistic motifs, droning riffs and minimalist drumming style is clearly adopted from Burzum's first four releases -- even the intro, "Leere", sounds suspiciously reminiscent of the intro to _Det Som Engang Var_. But most annoying of all are the vocals. Next to Garm's (of Ulver fame) clean vox, Varg Vikernes has possibly the most distinct vocals in all of black metal. Yet this does not stop Wigrid's vocalist from doing his best to sound like Vikernes. But, on the other hand and despite all of the above, this is actually a fairly enjoyable album, and as great as the temptation is, it is hard to simply dismiss _Hoffnungstod_ as mere slavish hero worship. Burzum-esque riffs are hardly Malmsteen inspired bursts of technical supremacy and are fairly easy to perform. However, some skill and talent is still needed to create songs that generate the same sense of imminent menace as Burzum's. It is strongly recommended that this album is listened to before purchase.

(article published 5/12/2003)

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