Neuraxis - _Truth Beyond..._
(Morbid Records, 2003)
by: Pedro Azevedo (8.5 out of 10)
It seems like this is Montreal extreme metal month for me, with Neuraxis coming along together with fellow countrymen Kralizec looking for a review. While Kralizec are on a Portuguese label, Neuraxis are on a German one -- but there is a certain kind of extremity they have in common, though Neuraxis are much closer to the Canadian masters of extreme metal, Cryptopsy. Benefiting from a full but clear production, the band's attack scores highly both in terms of impact and technicality. Though very likely doomed to be branded a Cryptopsy clone, Neuraxis are a talented band, and despite the similarities they do have a style of their own -- the melodies running through all the brutality on brilliant opener "...Of Divinity" and the variation on second track "Impulse" prove just that within the album's first few minutes. What's more impressive is that hardly a track goes by without a couple of memorable, distinctive passages; the album is a joy to listen to, and delivered with great impact. The band members all seem very skilled (including a drummer of the Flo Mounier school) and there's plenty of hooks and breakneck changes amidst the hyperblasting. To illustrate just how much I enjoy this album, the only Cryptopsy studio album I find even better than this is their legendary _None So Vile_. I don't know where these guys have been hiding, but you should do yourself a favour and pick up this outstanding piece of metallic extremity.


(article published 26/11/2003)

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