Leviathan - _Leviathan_
(The Judas Cradle Productions, 2003)
by: Aaron McKay (3 out of 10)
Purposefully driven music with a well-defined direction in mind has always been a big selling point for me. Danzig's material, both with his band, Danzig, as well as the Misfits, have been a staple in my listening repertoire for some time now. Leviathan approaches music in this same vein with this self-titled debut, but somewhere there is a disconnect in the chosen approach on this release. Vocally, it is hauntingly similar to Glenn Danzig's style and the music is similarly rhythmic (like a heart-beat), but strangely absent life, to say nothing of vitality. That said, ironically enough, the third cut, "Love Eternal", from this seven-track, nearly twenty-eight minute debut EP, is their strongest song on the entire effort. The bass, compliments of Chris Gardiner, is very much as I like it: expansively demonstrative. While impressive, it is showcased without proper exposure. What I mean by that is, for example, Gardiner's talents are far too hidden within Leviathan's circles. In other words, let the bass shine through more. The seven songs on this offering by these New Yorkers are of a certain "boxing match in slow motion" quality, but, try as you might, there is little on this disc from Leviathan that would even begin to approach any kind of T.K.O. Named after a giant biblical sea monster, Leviathan's name might lead a person to believe rapture is upon us when, in all actuality, the band flounders more like a minnow in the savage ancient seas.

Contact: http://www.judascradle.com

(article published 26/11/2003)

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