Funerus - _Festering Earth_
(Ibex Moon Records, 2003)
by: Adrian Magers (8 out of 10)
Funerus is kind of like a kick-ass old school death metal jam band. Bits of old Deicide and Obituary are presented alongside a groove-based guttural assault. Guitars are low and crunchy, vocals are bellowed, and everything's driven by pounding rhythms. The band is probably most known for featuring Incantation founder and guitarist Jim McEntee (also featured in the band is the aforementioned Cleveland-based act's skinsman Kyle Severn). However, it should be noted that Funerus is a very separate entity from any other group, and can prove their worth with or without any big names enlisted. Funerus started in the early '90s, but after lying dormant for many years they've returned in full force. _Festering Earth_ is the band's manifesto, and is sure to impress those whom enjoy the original Floridian circle of this particular form of music. It combines the early genre standards with a few elements very much akin to many of Sweden's Entombed-inspired metal bands. Probably the best thing about _Festering Earth_ is its ability to take each song through so many different tempos and feelings: from mid-pace sludge to thrashing blurs and back, Funerus completely command their music in a way that shows off their collective musical experience and wisdom. For a short time you can get the pre-release version of this album (limited to only 500 copies) from the band's website; I advise all interested parties to act immediately!


(article published 23/11/2003)

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