Backyard Babies - _Stockholm Syndrome_
(BMG, 2003)
by: Xander Hoose (7 out of 10)
With their 1993 _Diesel & Power_ release, the Backyard Babies immediately placed themselves in my favourite band list; and they stayed there for a while, gradually slipping down with every album that came out. It wasn't until their 2001 album _Making Enemies Is Good_ that I found myself actually enjoying a Backyard Babies album again. Even though stylistically they almost performed a 180-degree turn, their songs rocked and rolled. _Stockholm Syndrome_ is a logical continuation -- I'd almost say more of the same. Sounding even more accessible, commercial and especially safer than ever before, I fear that BMG has a little more control over their music than I'd want to believe. Some of the songs, like "Earn the Crown" and "Say When", have a little bit too much hit potential for me, and there's too many moments where the Backyard Babies sound too much like what you've heard before and elsewhere. Even with my disappointment at the band's loss of identity, _Stockholm Syndrome_ is a decent album that will satisfy most listeners. Me, I'm popping in my old copy of _Diesel & Power_ instead.


(article published 23/11/2003)

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