Cryfemal - _Raising Deads, Buring Alives!_
(Oniric Records, 2003)
by: Matthias Noll (1 out of 10)
Despite a promising album title (always remember: bad grammar = true) _Raising Dead, Buring Alives!_ is without a doubt the worst black metal record I've heard this year. The album in its entirety consists of an obviously out of control, terribly annoying drum machine in permanent overdrive (mostly at twice the speed of a fast Anaal Nathrakh track or else executing random rhythm changes) and a completely synthetic sounding guitar that leaves the impression of being handled by a lobotomized guitar student receiving one electric shock after the other -- plus some extremely distorted vocals. Oh, I almost forgot: there's also some occasional keyboards with a totally laughable sound. Yeah, this is fast, this is weird, this doesn't make any sense at all, but this also happens to be total crap, and a corpse-painted, fire-spitting figure on the cover doesn't make this a black metal record. Guys, get rid of your computer, go back to black metal boot-camp, or else start recording your farts.

(article published 16/11/2003)

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