Skinless - _From Sacrifice to Survival_
(Relapse, 2003)
by: Xander Hoose (7 out of 10)
Skinless has always been one of the less interesting bands on the Relapse label, mostly because the band lacks identity. Just being out there between Cannibal Corpse, Malevolent Creation and Dying Fetus doesn't automatically mean people will buy your album -- you'll need something unique to stand out from the crowd. Where Skinless previously tried to "stand out" with painfully not funny lyrics, they have now dropped the humor. Instead, on some songs you will find some clean rock vocals somewhere in the background. Please don't ask me why, because it immediately degrades the songs, making you wonder "what the...". On the positive side, _FStS_ is quite a varied album, something that can't be said for some of the competition, making it easier to listen to the album as a whole. Some of the songs are very simple and straightforward, disregarding technicality in favour of groove ("Miscreant", for instance), so this album will probably do well with Lamb of God fans. _FStS_ isn't a bad album; it's actually quite okay if you're into brutal death, but I still prefer seeing these guys play live. That's where they really do stand out.

(article published 16/11/2003)

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