Bongzilla - _Gateway_
(Relapse, 2002)
by: Xander Hoose (6.5 out of 10)
Since _Gateway_ was never properly reviewed in our magazine, I couldn't resist the urge to at least write a few lines on this stoner rock bible for fucked up dopeheads. Okay, okay, forgive me all that cliché, but the fact is that Bongzilla is still making the same twisted stoner music they've been playing for years and years now. Topically challenged as they are, they still pray to the almighty green leaf (songtitles include "Greenthumb", "666lb Bongsession", "Keefmaster", "Hashdealer") and have even adapted fitting artwork, goa-style. For those who haven't checked this album out yet, do so if this review has made you curious. For those owning most of the other Bongzilla albums: shit bro, you'll like this one as well, just don't expect any form of renewal.

(article published 16/11/2003)

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