Daemusinem - _Daemusinem Domine Empire_
(Cold Blood Industries, 2002)
by: Xander Hoose (7 out of 10)
Eight tracks, forty minutes of pure black metal -- that's what you get when you buy _Daemusinem Domine Empire_. In those forty minutes, you won't experience many surprises, but the music is very fast-paced with excellent guitar work and satisfying drumming. Whether or not you like the vocals will be a different question, as I can imagine them not being to everyone's liking -- they weren't to my liking, anyway. The militant lyrics are also quite immature, unless you get a hard-on for Roman themes. Nonetheless, if you want a no-nonsense shit-kicking black metal album that hasn't gone for the commercial approach, check this one out.

(article published 16/11/2003)

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