Noctiferia - _Per Aspera_
(Arctic, 2003)
by: Xander Hoose (9 out of 10)
Even though the title seems to suggest a black metal band, Noctiferia doesn't really fit into that category if you dismiss the vocal style. _Per Aspera_ is by definition a technical death metal album, and by this I am referring to Morbid Angel's style of death metal. Noctiferia have their homebase in Slovenia, but the production of _Per Aspera_ is far better than most albums from Eastern Europe. The sharp guitar sound makes the album a delight to listen to, because _Per Aspera_ features many riffs that would make more famous metal bands jealous. Even though the music itself might not be original, the displayed skills are frightening and they show considerable talent in writing atmospheric songs that stand out by themselves. Although I'm not much of a black metal lover, the snarling vocal style did not irritate me even for a second, as it seems to fit the music well. _Per Aspera_ is a small jewel; if you're lucky enough to find it, you will end up giving this one many a spin in the good old player.

(article published 13/11/2003)

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