Uhrilehto - _Viha Ja Ikuinen Vitutus (Hate Eternal)_
(Cold Blood Industries, 2001)
by: Xander Hoose (4.5 out of 10)
The band logo not being very recognizable and the album title being followed by the words "Hate Eternal", one could easily mistake this for a new album by Erik Rutan. It is not, however, and not by a longshot. Compared to the skills displayed by Hate Eternal, Uhrilehto sounds like a demo band, and even without this comparison my judgement wouldn't be any less harsh. While they claim to play music in the vein of old Rotting Christ and Samael, they can only wish to possess that little spark of songwriting quality. Musically, _Viha Ja Ikuinen Vitutus_ isn't that bad, just very uninspired. The keyboards sound cheap, the drumming is bad, but the guitar work makes up for a lot. This is only for the real fanatics; the rest of you should stay clear of this album.

(article published 13/11/2003)

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