Daylight Dies - _No Reply_
(Relapse, 2002)
by: Xander Hoose (8 out of 10)
Where the doom scene is still pretty much dominated by European bands (Opeth, My Dying Bride, Katatonia) there have been occasional exceptions worth mentioning from the American continent. Daylight Dies have received much credit for their 2001 album _Sign_, and they have returned with a follow-up that shows once more there's quality to be found in the States. _No Reply_ is a very clean -- almost crisp -- but sombre and atmospheric recording, taking on the approach of earlier My Dying Bride. Songs haven been written and performed without any feeling of 'haste' to them; riffs and melodies flow by gently even in the midtempo sections of the album. Strangely enough, the vocals don't really fit the bill. The raw, sharp vocals don't carry any emotion in them, creating an empty texture that shouldn't have been there. Deep, clean vocals would have fitted this album much better, especially when playing more than a few songs. Nonetheless, _No Reply_ is a very decent album that will satisfy fans of the previously mentioned bands and should definitely not go unheard.

[Pedro Azevedo: "Much like Rapture before them, Daylight Dies harvest inspiration from mid-era Katatonia, with the likes of _Brave Murder Day_ and the _Sounds of Decay_ EP clearly having had considerable influence on the making of _No Reply_. Armed with strong production, some really good riffs and emotional melodies, and competent raspy vocals, Daylight Dies show enough songwriting skill to make this hour long record very enjoyable. Not the most original of releases, but definitely worth looking into if you feel the aforementioned influences seem promising."]

(article published 13/11/2003)

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