Planet Killswitch - _You Don't Matter_
(Independent, 2003)
by: Adrian Magers (9 out of 10)
An impressive blend of metal, electronics and general weirdness: Planet Killswitch perform music that I would describe as Ministry, Coal Chamber, Slayer, Hatebreed, Chimaira, Skinny Puppy and KMFDM all thrown in a blender. The band employs three distinct vocal styles from three different members of the band (death growls, goth-tinged grumbles and distorted wails) and a generally unique sonic presentation of the band's bitter lyrics. Topics range from governmental control to society's ills, and so forth. My one problem with the album is that some of the tracks, like "Bleak" and "Killing Machines", sounded better on their demo CD _The Scum of the Planet_ (recorded when the band was known as just Killswitch). Maybe it's just me, but it seems that something was lost in the re-recording. Aside from this, there are no other flaws I can pick out. Planet Killswitch is easily the midwest's most promising underground industrial metal band, and in my opinion one of the best unsigned acts in the country. I have a feeling PKS may be a love/hate affair with few opinions in between the extremes; but if you like crunchy metal laden with industrial scraps and bits, Planet Killswitch is sure to please.


(article published 9/11/2003)

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