Behemoth - _Antichristian Phenomenon_
(tour-EP, 2001)
by: Xander Hoose (no rating)
Even though this was released back in 2001, I still decided to review it for the sake of completeness (and the fact that it seems to pop up in stores now and then). Basically a tour-EP, _Antichristian Phenomenon_ contains a few album songs ("Antichristian Phenomenon", "Malice" and "From the Pagan Vastlands"). However, there are some extras that make the EP worth listening to: four cover songs, the first being Sarcofago's "Sathanas", then David Bowie's "Hello Spaceboy", followed by Morbid Angel's "Day of Suffering" and Mayhem's "Carnage" to top it off. Recording quality is very good, no crappy demo sound. Especially "Hello Spaceboy", a very unusual song for a death metal band to cover, is worth a listen. The other three are rock-solid covers that don't differ too much from their originals. If you can find this EP and are a nut for cover songs, _Antichristian Phenomenon_ is good value for your money.

(article published 6/11/2003)

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