Leviathan - _The Throne Of Bones_
(Monkeyhouse Recordings, 2003)
by: Alvin Wee (6.5 out of 10)
This compact little dark ambient offering marks the solid, if unspectacular debut of both label and band from the UK. Leviathan draws on long-standing Lustmordian traditions throughout the 27 minutes, producing low-end, slightly melodic drones accompanied by occasional sweeping waves and a semblance of rhythm (on the excellent "Wraithmarch"). Layers of abyssal orchestration, drones and martial percussion are piled on in "Tomb", all but attaining the claustrophobic textures characteristic of the best dark ambient acts, and coming across as somewhat flat and one-dimensional (a fault pervading the entire album). I'd put it down mainly to inexperience in the production department, but also a lack of maturity in the soundscaping process. Composition technique seems to focus on linear, simplistic arrangements and layering; to call it minimalist would be to make unnecessary excuses for the clearly underdeveloped songwriting. Still, this album is a refreshing new voice from the scene, showcasing an uncommon ear for structure and narrative (sorely lacking in the genre), and it isn't difficult to imagine stronger things emerging from these studios in future.

(article published 31/10/2003)

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