Drudkh - _Forgotten Legends_
(Supernal Music, 2003)
by: Matthias Noll (9 out of 10)
Hypnotic, majestic and raw are the adjectives I find best suited to describe Drudkh's debut record. This Ukranian act can rightfully claim to have turned the crushing powers of nature into music. Imagine yourself on top of a barren cliff, watching the untameable waves of a tumultuous ocean crushing into it over and over, day after day; feel the ice-cold spray freezing on your face, the vibrations of the impact reaching your feet through the mass of stone until it finally crumbles; and you might get an idea which kind of images songs like "Forests in Fire and Gold" are evoking. In a very general sense, Primordial or Amon Amarth are exploring remotely similar territory while coming from totally different angles, but neither of them has been avoiding the cheese-factor which is often imminent in Pagan or Viking metal so completely and ventured as far into underground black metal and Burzum-esque territory as this Ukranian act. While others feel the need for a certain pompousness in their music and "we're Pagan warriors and come back to take what once was ours" lyrics and imagery, Drudkh's approach is stripped down, droning, hypnotic, and, while relying on proven concepts, original in its execution. With two Hate Forest members in their ranks it's not really surprising that there are certain similarities between the two bands, but overall Drudkh sound less dissonant, more melodic and less sterile, which is also due to a more natural sounding production, especially as far as the drumming is concerned. This is an awesome debut record which is highly recommended not only to fans of obscure underground material but also those who look for emotional, raw and violent music devoid of keyboards and acoustic sections somewhere in between black, Pagan and Viking metal.

(article published 30/10/2003)

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