Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - _Cocktails, Carnage, Crucifixion and Pornography_
(Cold Meat Industry, 2003)
by: Xander Hoose (7 out of 10)
To celebrate its tenth anniversary and fifth release, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio has released a new album to enlighten the dark souls -- or actually the opposite, really. Accompanied by a marching beat we are introduced once more to the deep vocal style that became Ordo's trademark years ago, but the album has more to offer. Borrowing heavily from different folk styles, _CCCaP_ incorporates traditional French and Roman influences whilst keeping ORE's baroque industrial atmosphere on many songs. Lyrically, Ordo is becoming more and more sexually oriented, although there is nothing really explicit here that'll possibly shock the listener. My main complaint about _CCCaP_ is that it's not very different from their previous releases, at least not different enough to justify paying the full price for the album. Hopefully on a future album there will be some more experimentation...

Contact: http://www.ordo-rosarius-equilibrio.net

(article published 27/10/2003)

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