Coph Nia - _Shape Shifter_
(Cold Meat Industry, 2003)
by: Xander Hoose (6.5 out of 10)
Coph Nia's third release, after _That Which Remains_ and the _Holy War_ EP, is again different from what you might expect. This time the diversity of styles which characterized the first two albums has been forsaken for the greater good of uniformity. This isn't to say there is no diversity at all, it's just more hidden and less obvious. What remains is an album reminiscent of Arcana in a few ways; the ambient-esque atmosphere and the vocal overlay are a common factor on both albums, but _Shape Shifter_ is a dark industrial album compared to the Gregorian take of Arcana. Overall, I found myself enjoying _Shape Shifter_ if listened to in smaller doses. The music tends to have an droning effect, so it doesn't make an easy listen; however, for those with a dark spirit and blackened soul, it makes the perfect companion for those long dark winter nights.

(article published 27/10/2003)

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