Between the Buried and Me - _Silent Circus_
(Victory Records, 2003)
by: Jackie Smit (7 out of 10)
Surreal is perhaps the most appropriate word to describe what happens when _Silent Circus_ switches to track number six. The indication that something decidedly more relaxed and different to the death metal chaos of earlier tracks is approaching is certainly made clear early on in proceedings, but nothing -- and I do mean nothing -- will prepare you for the sound of "Shevanel Take 2"; a track that could sit comfortably alongside The Backstreet Boys or Westlife on prime time radio. The laid-back sway of Opeth's progressive jazz interludes is one thing, but Between the Buried and Me have either sorely missed the mark in their attempt to try something similar, or clearly intend on fooling the mainstream into buying their record, only to shock them into a state of incoherence with the throbbing heaviness of "Ad a dglgmut" and the hyper-groove of "Camilla Rhodes". Certainly, this is by no means a bad album -- in fact, it is by and large a rather enjoyable record -- but there is clearly the odd occasion where the more conservative extreme metal fan may want to keep the remote control's skip button at the ready.


(article published 20/10/2003)

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