Fleshgrind - _Murder Without End_
(Olympic Records / Century Media, 2003)
by: Aaron McKay (10 out of 10)
I haven't been this excited about a CD since the epic 1999 immortal classic by Viking Crown, _Unorthodox Steps of Ritual_ (or the follow-up, _Innocence From Hell_, for that matter). Chicagolands's Fleshgrind has obviously found their proper stride with this, their newest effort, _Murder Without End_. Everything clicks on this ten track "wildman" like a precision-tuned Swiss watch. _MWE_ is -certainly- a violent standout in its own right, but as the metal scene exists today, this release is like throwing bleach into a septic tank; these are the albums we music critics salivate and drool at the mere thought of having a crack at reviewing. Fleshgrind is no amateur to the metal scene; 2003 marking their ten year anniversary, Fleshgrind has blazoned a path few dare to (or can) follow. Thick-ass chops and powerful guitar enriched riffs litter this album front-to-back like all the cigarette butts on any given New York freeway. Songs like "Enslaved to My Wrath", "In Sickness Intertwined" and, of course, "Holy Pedophile" renew and refresh one's faith in the perpetuation of metal. You've heard Immolation's _Close to a World Below_ and Forest of Impaled's _Demonvoid_ -- now hear the world's best combination of both with an unmistakable and undeniable Fleshgrind appeal. Be sure of this point beyond anything else, kiddies -- brutality runs unchecked here, so you've been warned.

Contact: http://www.fleshgrind.com

(article published 29/9/2003)

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