The Black Dahlia Murder - _Unhallowed_
(Metal Blade, 2003)
by: Pedro Azevedo (7 out of 10)
If you have already read my latest Omnium Gatherum review, then you can pretty much apply the first few sentences to The Black Dahlia Murder: they too have decided to capitalize on their debut EP by re-recording a couple of tracks for their first full-length. Furthermore, these tracks shine through as some of the best material on the full-length, which doesn't bode particularly well for _Unhallowed_. _A Cold-Blooded Epitaph_ was a brief outburst of Swedish metal (made in the US), and as an EP it worked well; _Unhallowed_, however, seems somewhat repetitive and the material often borders on generic. The music is kept on a high intensity level throughout, but when you go for a style that's been perfected years ago (more specifically in At the Gates' _Slaughter of the Soul_), then you better excel at it or have something new to add. The Black Dahlia Murder are very proficient, though not excellent, and add only a few personal touches to the style. Ultimately, _Unhallowed_ is an enjoyable album, but it pales in comparison to contemporaries such as Corporation 187's excellent _Perfection in Pain_. Still a young band, The Black Dahlia Murder show plenty of potential and will no doubt come back with a renewed attack before too long.

(article published 29/9/2003)

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