Omnium Gatherum - _Spirits and August Light_
(Rage of Achilles, 2003)
by: Pedro Azevedo (8 out of 10)
When you have released a damn good debut EP and are about to record your first full-length, what should you do? Concentrate on writing enough new material for the album, or write just over half an hour of new music and re-record a couple of nifty tracks from the EP? I find it penalizing for both the fans who had purchased the original EP and the sales of said debut disc (which might have otherwise been boosted by people enjoying the full-length and going back to buy the EP as well). Either way, Omnium Gatherum (or their label) have decided to capitalize on a couple of very good tracks from the highly commendable _Steal the Light_ EP -- though I wonder why they left out "Candles for Giordano Bruno" while they were at it. The new Omnium Gatherum material is somewhat punchier, though it remains firmly rooted in melodic death metal. The Finns employ some relatively subtle synth higlights and remain catchy as ever, though not by using repetitive clean vocal choruses a la Soilwork. The fact that the new material all but ends after track six (which is followed by the two re-recordings and one last track that seems to have been mixed at a slightly lower volume) subtracts from the album's value for the money if you already have the EP. However, it remains very difficult to deny the appeal of OG's highly energetic, memorable and invigorating metal. A proper full-length where they can consistently reproduce the best of the form they've shown so far should be awaited with bated breath.


(article published 29/9/2003)

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