Ellipsis - _Comastory_
(Adipocere, 2003)
by: Pedro Azevedo (4 out of 10)
I had to stifle many a yawn during Ellipsis' seemingly never ending sixty five minute album before I could review it -- not because I needed caffeine, but simply because _Comastory_ is so damn dull. Ellipsis aren't actually bad as a band; there's some nifty musical touches, and they clearly have plenty of ideas. The clean singing that is utilized throughout (except for the very sporadic grunts) sometimes borders on cringeworthy, but generally remains acceptable; it is in the songwriting and guitar riff department that Ellipsis are found wanting. The hollow, uneventful sound is not helped by the relatively lacklustre drumming either. The material on _Comastory_ comes across as so bland that it lulls the listener into some unintended form of (ahem) coma where you are neither repelled nor attracted by the music. Having recently heard a much more accomplished album in this kind of somewhat progressive, melodic metal in the form of Ethereal's _Dreams of Yearning_, I can only recommend that Ellipsis focus on upping the intensity level considerably before they come back with a new offering; they have some qualities, but right now they are being wasted for the most part.

Contact: http://www.adipocere.fr

(article published 29/9/2003)

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