The Spawn of Satan / Bloodsick - _Split CD_
(Hell's Headbangers, 2002)
by: Adrian Magers (8 out of 10)
Here we have ten tracks of unbridled blasphemy, divided in half between the two bands featured. The first portion is performed by Spawn of Satan, a veteran band that employs a style somewhere between late thrash and early death with an emphasis on very groove-based, oddly catchy slabs of guitar. With guttural barks performed by one Jim Satanic (guitarist of Nunslaughter, where he's known as Jim Sadist) and lyrics on all manner of death, evil, Satan and other fun topics, the general experience is a headbang-inducing plummet into the depths of Hades, with abundant tempo changes and brain-melting soloing for all. Track six marks Bloodshot's section of the CD, where they churn out riffs a bit heavier, with a more modern emphasis featuring some blastbeats and less mid-tempo thrash breakdowns. Although both bands have their own characteristics, it'd be hard to imagine a metal fan who liked one and not the other.

Overall I was fairly impressed with both bands, and they complemented each other well on this CD. Both acts dig into the past for a familiar style that they assign their own respective individual characteristics to, and both are in some way related to Cleveland's up and coming death gods Soulless. So if you're into the northern Ohio death metal scene, or if you just like something that's heavy, evil and great to headbang to with total recklass abandon, lend a listen to Spawn of Satan and Bloodsick.


(article published 29/9/2003)

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