Le'rue Delashay - _Law of 8ve_
(Root of All Evil, 2003)
by: Adrian Magers (8 out of 10)
Personally, I find dark ambient music to be quite enjoyable if done right. Oftentimes it can drone on and become boring, self-indulgent and pretentious. Le'rue Delashay, a one-man project on its third release, avoids this pitfall by keeping the tone to that of an intense psychological thriller, and the movement of each piece not unlike that of classical music. The instrumentation is aggressive, and abundant changes and adjustments are made to the texture of the music so as to keep even someone used to the continuous onslaught of heavy metal interested. The songs are generally kept somewhat short and to the point, not wasting time to create a dark, disturbing atmosphere -- although for a metalhead this is generally what I would consider 'mood music': something you would only listen to at dusk or beyond, feeling somewhat melancholy. I strongly recommend this to fans of 'gothic' music in the truest sense. In other words, Le'rue Delashay doesn't use dance beats or droning synth loops, rather he uses harsh piano tones, abrasive string sounds and other effects to create something that is somehow beautiful and crazed at the same time.

Contact: http://www.theatrikil.com

(article published 12/9/2003)

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