Impaler - _Old School Ghouls_
(Root of All Evil, 2003)
by: Adrian Magers (6 out of 10)
Two decades of shock rock punk / metal and Satan only knows how many gallons of fake blood, and Impaler give birth to their newest release, squirming and covered in bodily fluids. The band has a lot of history, and witnessed their best publicity coming from Tipper Gore back in the PMRC days. Impaler's sound has a punk backbone, but the vocals, guitar leads and other elements reveal a more metallic sound. There's a raw quality, though the new Impaler (the version that lead vocalist Bill Lindsey compiled back in '96) has benefited from slightly better production values than the original lineup. And besides, this band would sound plain wrong with a slick, glossy studio sound. Overall, Impaler kind of sounds like what GWAR should have early on. However, there's more to them than that. If you like death rock, early thrash crossover, or have a tendency to like bands featuring those who resemble the undead.


(article published 31/8/2003)

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