Kilfast - _Tragedy Essential_
(Epoxy and Duct Tape, 2003)
by: Adrian Magers (7 out of 10)
"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... Dying time is here." So begins a sample that leads into Kilfast's opening track "Temptation of Fate". Their chosen moniker is definitely indicative to their apparent disdain for subtlety. The band play a mix of death metal and heavy groove metalcore with lyrics ranging from seething hatred of religion to seething hatred of individuals. Definitely good for banging the ol' head, and probably even better for shoving around like-minded others in a live setting. The music is a good balance, taking the low palm-muted ways of bands of hardcore-inspired music, the fury of old-school American death, and the tenacity of thrash metal, and forging the elements into something violent, nasty, and somehow rather catchy. The highlight of this CD is probably "Helpless in Heaven", which follows a total musical curveball in the form of a beautiful piano-based instrumental. The contrast is amazing, and the band should be commended for such a feat. These two tracks alone are worth the price of admission. If you're looking for a band that has a range touching both Deicide and Diecast, or just some kick-ass groove-ridden heavy heavy metal, then Kilfast is for you.


(article published 31/8/2003)

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