NDE - _End of Trust_
(Crash Music, 2003)
by: Jackie Smit (6 out of 10)
In light of the massive acclaim that was showered on the last Killswitch Engage effort, it shouldn't surprise the seasoned metalhead to see a veritable plethora of post-hardcore/thrash releases bombard the shelves of their local record store. NDE are perhaps among the better bands to adopt this rather fashionable sound as their own. All the ingredients are present in guises of varying adequacy on _End of Trust_: the dense, pummeling attack of opening track "This World", the surgically precise drumming of "Everybody Dies", the metalcore beat down of "Clonedhead". Yet, as satisfying and impressive as these tracks are, overall one can't escape the creeping feeling of boredom that rears its unrepentant head with increasing regularity as you venture further into proceedings. Perhaps it's due to the distinct lack of diversity with which NDE approach the songwriting process, or possibly a result of their tendency to let every song follow the formulaic mid-tempo-to-slow-chug routine, but in a world where it is becoming increasingly difficult for bands to stand out, NDE certainly have no unique defining qualities that say "look at us". Still, there are far worse ways to kill 40 minutes' silence.

(article published 15/8/2003)

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