Terror Organ - _The Stalag Symphony_
(Dragon Flight Recordings, 2003)
by: Xander Hoose (8 out of 10)
If _The Stalag Symphony_ is being marketed as "a brand new style of music", don't let it fool you! I recall the glorious days when I annoyed roommates and neighbors with MZ.412's sonic assault, only to find my interest in the black-industrial-ambient style of music fade away over the years. Terror Organ, consisting of ex-Angelcorpse Peter Helmkamp, has rekindled my lust for this music a bit. _The Stalag Symphony_ comes close to actually being described as 'music' because of the bass-riffs interwoven with the electronics, but it is unconventional enough to create a unique atmosphere. Using a rich texture of spoken samples from various sources, as in "Mindlock (Septic Utopia)" and "Nihil Transmission", or using actual vocals ("Strength Is Beauty") only make the individual songs stronger and create a much-needed diversity, keeping the album as a whole interesting. While I doubt this album will find its way to the masses, fans of the harsher Cold Meat Industries bands should make sure to give this one a spin.

Contact: http://www.dragonflightrec.org

(article published 10/8/2003)

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