Chaosbreed - _Unleashed Carnage_
(Rising Realm Records, 2003)
by: Xander Hoose (6 out of 10)
Newcomer Chaosbreed isn't exactly 'new'. On vocals you'll find Taneli Jarva (ex-Sentenced), on guitars Esa Holopainen (Amorphis) and Marko Tarvonen (Moonsorrow, The Wicked). Bass duties are handled by Oppu Laine (ex-Amorphis) and behind the drum-kit you'll find Nalle Österman (ex-Gandalf). An all-star Finnish line-up, leading you to think that nothing could possibly go wrong. Well, not quite. Chaosbreed's _Unleashed Carnage_ is a homage to the Swedish death metal of the late eighties and early nineties when bands like Entombed and Dismember ruled the scene. So we're treated to the Swedish trademark whirring guitars, haunting bass loops, high-pitched solos and growling vocals. Unfortunately, both vocals and production are not up to modern day standards. Dismember, Entombed, Grave -- all these bands have evolved, adapting their music and production to the sign of times and show what a modern studio is capable of doing to their music. With fans of those bands treated to these vast improvements, I can't see there being a big fanbase for Chaosbreed with their outdated sound -- myself, I'd rather play _Left Hand Path_ to get in the mood. Chaosbreed does have a big potential and their members act as solid 'selling points', so hopefully they will be picked up by a label that can provide them with adequate funds for a good studio and producer. By the time that happens, I'd be more than willing to give them another shot.


(article published 22/8/2003)

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