Laibach - _Jesus Christ Superstar_
(Mute Records, 1996)
by: Andrew Lewandowski (8 out of 10)
Throughout the past 15 years, Laibach have proven to be one of the most experimental industrial band in a genre possessing countless risk takers. Thus, _JCS_ is quite a massive surprise, despite coming from a band that consistently releases surprising albums. While each album has gotten progressively more accessible over the past 15 years, no Laibach fan could truly expect this: an industrial metal album!?! Yep, Laibach have made a passe jump onto the overcrowded industrial metal band wagon, resulting in their most mainstream effort to date. Luckily, this is also one of their best. For _JCS_, Laibach have adopted stereotypically thrashy, although refreshingly grating, guitars and a conventional verse-chorus-verse lyrical pattern. The lyrics themselves are a stereotype of the sub-genre; all are religious oriented, and range from satirical (or should that be self-contradictory? With Laibach, you never can tell) to mindless blasphemies. The two cover songs, "The Cross" and "Jesus Christ Superstar" continue with these religious themes; both are fairly conservative efforts, especially in comparison to previous covers. As with all Laibach albums, _JCS_ is a step above all others in whatever sub-genre they decide to dabble in; the patented Laibachian choirs and overblown symphonic elements are all here, adding a melodic, and quite mystical, dimension that no other industrial metal band can match. Fans of this style will be well advised to pick this one up; if Laibach fans look at it with an open eye, they should eventually be pleased - although I hope that Laibach don't delve any farther into this direction.

(article published 2/1/1997)

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