Mütiilation - _Majestas Leprosus_
(Ordealis Records, 2003)
by: Quentin Kalis (7.5 out of 10)
What separates Mütiilation from the Darkclones -- and they are legion -- is that no other grim black metal band succeeds in recreating the same sense of anger, despondency and hatred best demonstrated on the underground classics _Vampires of Black Imperial Blood_ and _Remains of a Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul_. _Majestas LeprosusL_ is not unlike Meyna'ch's (Mütiilation's sole member) previous full-length, _Black Millennium_; in fact it is so similar, it could easily be from the same studio session. Then again, Mütiilation is a graduate of the Marduk School of Musical Experimentation and Progression, so for Meyna'ch to release a comparatively innovative album -– like Dodheimsgard did with _666 International_ -- is highly unlikely. _Majestas Leprosus_ conforms rigidly with the trademarks of the genre: trebly, grim production, the bass guitar and double bass drums are practically indiscernible, and so on. The guitars are characteristically raw, with the riffs more focused than on previous releases. However, the album tends to be quite repetitive: there is very little variation in tempo, and most songs are simply four or five minute blasts of black metal noise. Although this is an improvement over _Black Millennium_, _Majestas Leprosus_ will sadly not stand the test of time as did _Vampires of Black Imperial Blood_.

Contact: http://www.ordealis.com

(article published 22/7/2003)

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