Vinterriket - _Winterschatten_
(Ketzer Records / Desolate Landscapes, 2003)
by: Quentin Kalis (7 out of 10)
Although _Winterschatten_ is only Vinterriket's second full-length, it follows on a seemingly endless litany of EPs and split EPs -- in fact, I would be extremely surprised if there is an act out there who has actually released a larger number of split EPs! On _Winterschatten_, Vinterriket continues to expand his (this is a one-man act) sound through incremental changes to his characteristic melancholic ambience. The first few songs are black metal based, and Vinterriket even attempts some black metal style vox (possibly for the first time). However the vox and guitar are vastly subdued and keyboards/synths dominate the mix. The remainder of the album consists of more conventional ambient songs, representing a continuing departure from the repetitive simplicity of early Mortiis and latter-day Burzum. This is a somewhat tepid release; although his experimental and adventurous spirit shines through, this album simply does not live up to the quality he has proven capable of delivering in previous releases.


(article published 22/7/2003)

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