Vomitor - _Bleeding the Priest_
(Metal Blood Music, 2003)
by: James Montague (8 out of 10)
Formed by ex-members of relatively well-known local bands like Gospel of the Horns and Spear of Longinus in 1998, Vomitor is yet another in a long line of Australian metal veterans who cling to their '80s vinyl collection and spit out some strong, uncomplicated death metal with an enviable level of skill. About the only surprise with _Bleeding the Priest_ is that it's available on CD, because this album reeks of intransigence and inflexibility, to paraphrase a certain sword-wielding black metal luminary. Basically, if you know what bands like Gospel of the Horns sound like, you know what to expect from Vomitor. Still worth owning? You bet your metal arse it is.

Like all the better death/thrash bands from the Great Southern Land, Vomitor love to throw extensive guitar leads over their traditional thrash chords, which ensure that the music has direction and a form of expression -- a voice, if you will. The songs are predominantly focused on instrumentation, with reverbed throaty shouts like those of old Celtic Frost popping up occasionally and unobtrusively. The production is true to form -- gritty and raw, but every detail is audible enough and well balanced. The tempo is generally high, the energy levels immense. This is great drinking music, and would absolutely slay in a live setting, so get out and see these guys if you get the chance -- they can truly whip up a frenzy, not to mention some impressive leads and riffs.

Is there really any reason to go on? If you love the Aussie style and can't wait for the next Deströyer 666 album, then you can't go wrong with _Bleeding the Priest_. If on the other hand you think metal needs to get with the times and embrace freestyle jazz as a matter of course, then rest assured that this isn't the band for you.

Contact: http://www.geocities.com/vomitr/

(article published 22/7/2003)

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